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Detailed Instructions on How To Place A Classified Ad at Kittykat Ads

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Select Place Ad from the Menu
Select a Category for your Ad
Enter the Owner for your Ad
Select Free Ad or Payment Amount depending on the ad type.
Enter an Ad Title up to 128 characters
Enter Your Website URL ex: ( Remember the http:// )
Enter the Name of The Person to Contact regarding your ad
Enter Telephone Number of Person to Contact or Business Telephone Number
Enter County, State/Province and City
Enter Item Price if applicable
Type in the Ad Copy for Your Ad – Free Ads are allowed up to 275 text description characters. Check Characters In Description Chart below for Title Text Limits and Ad Copy Limits.
Calculate and Answer the Math Question.
Upload Images if you are purchasing a paid ad.EXAMPLESelect Ad Category
Direct Sales

Please select the owner for this Ad
Mr. Widget Smith

Please select a payment term for your Ad

Duration   ♦   Images Allowed  ♦  Ads  ♦ Title Characters  ♦  Desc. Characters  ♦  Price
180 Day Plus     1 Images             1              200 Limit                          500                $xx.00
180 Day Plus     2 Images             1              200 Limit                          525                $xx.00
180 Day Plus     3 Images             1              200 Limit                          550                $xx.00
180 Day Plus     4 Images             1              200 Limit                          575                $xx.00
30 Day FREE Listing    –  No Images         175 Limit                        275                 FREE ***
30 Day Plus       1 Images             1              200 Limit                           300                $xx.00
30 Day Plus       2 Images             1              200 Limit                           325                $xx.00
30 Day Plus       3 Images             1              200 Limit                           350                $xx.00
30 Day Plus       4 Images             1              200 Limit                           375                $xx.00
365 Day Plus     1 Images             1              200 Limit                           600                $xx.00
365 Day Plus     2 Images             1              200 Limit                           625                $xx.00
365 Day Plus     3 Images             1              200 Limit                           650                $xx.00
365 Day Plus     4 Images             1              200 Limit                           675                $xx.00
90 Day Plus       1 Images             1              200 Limit                           400                $xx.00
90 Day Plus       2 Images             1              200 Limit                           425                $xx.00
90 Day Plus       3 Images             1              200 Limit                           450                $xx.00
90 Day Plus       4 Images             1              200 Limit                           475                $xx.00

Add Details and Contact Information
Mr. Widget Smith

Ad Title
ABC Widget Sale

Website URL

Name of Person to Contact
Mr. Widget Smith

Contact Person’s Email (Please enter a valid email. The codes needed to edit your Ad will be sent to your email address)

Contact Person’s Phone Number

Country (separate countries by commas)
United States

State/Province (separate states by commas)

City (separate cities by commas)

Item Price

Ad Details No HTML Allowed 263 characters left.
Big Widget Sale going on. Visit and get your widget today!

Enter the value of the following sum: 3 + 6 =

Add Images
WidgetAdd Image(s) if paid ad. (optional for paid ads)

Use the check icons in front of each upload field to mark the uploaded image as the primary image for the Ad.

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